The thumb and index finger form a circle. Vitarka Mudra or Teaching Mudra. The vitarka (teaching or discussion) mudra is used with Buddhist iconography to symbolize the transmission of the dharma, or the truth teachings of the Buddha. Vitarka mudrā, Tarim Basin, 9th century The Vitarka mudrā “mudra of discussion” is the gesture of discussion and transmission of Buddhist teaching. With the gesture (see right hand) of preaching. It signifies the discussion and transmission of the teachings of the Buddha. The Buddha’s hand held close to his heart with thumb and forefinger tips touching symbolizes the transmission of the knowledge he has gained after attaining enlightenment. Buddha, wearing the attributes of Royalty, in the Khmer style of the Lopburi period. From shop EbbersHoutsnijwerk. Abhaya Mudra Indeed, this is similar to the Dharmachakra mudra. The tip of the index finger and thumb touch while the other fingers are outstretched, the palm faces outward. It is performed by joining the tips of the thumb and the index fingers together while keeping the other fingers straight, which is just like to Abhaya Mudra and varada mudra but in this Mudra the thumbs touching the index fingers. This is a form of nonverbal communication that refers to symbolic gestures inspiring the feeling of spirituality. The mudra is commonly associated with the radiantly white Vairochana Buddha. Indian Vitarka Mudra buddha / hand carved nativity figures / wood carving ideas EbbersHoutsnijwerk. Vitarka Mudra – Teaching. This is the gesture of the Amoghasiddhi Buddha in the Vajrayana school. A Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand, displays the vitarka mudra. Mudras are typically expressed with the hands and fingers and sometimes with the whole body. Rigmarole /, Creative Commons License. Vitarka Mudra: This is often translated as the gesture of argument, but might better be thought of as the gesture of discourse or discussion. 1. The Vitarka Mudra can be made while in sitting or standing position. The Vitarka Mudra (the Mudra of Teaching or Discussion) is a common mudra representing the discussion and transmission of Buddhist teachings. It is formed by joining the tips of the thumb and index finger together to form a circle, keeping the other three fingers pointing straight up. As a result, the Vitarka mudra is depicted close to the Buddha’s heart. Another story tells of how the Buddha was able to stop an elephant from charging by simply lifting up the right hand. The Vitarka mudra is the Buddhist symbol for intellectual debate. 8. Vitarka mudra is a common gesture among the Buddha statues from Dvāravatī ages in Thailand. These Buddha Mudras can be used in meditation to evoke that particular state of mind in which Buddha became enlightened and preached the knowledge to his disciples. Vitarka Mudrā. In this mudra, the thumb and index fingers touch, creating a circle that symbolizes an uninterrupted flow of wisdom. In the vitarka mudra the right hand is held at chest level, fingers pointing up and palm outward. Additionally, the palm of the right hand is facing outwards with the index finger touching the thumb forming a circle. 7. It is done by joining the tips of the thumb and the index together, and keeping the other fingers straight very much like the Vitarka Mudra – Hand Gesture of Teaching Vitarka Mudra is one such example, where the practice is most common among the Buddhists. This mudra evokes the energy of intellect, reasoning and discussion of Buddhist teachings The Buddha Eyes signify the all seeing ways of Buddha. Also called "The Gesture of Debate" or "discussion" mudra, Vitarka mudra can be seen in both the sitting and standing Buddha statues.

In Sanskrit, mudra= seal or mark of identity. This mudra is also sometimes, substituted for Dharmachakra Mudra. Vitarka Mudra. This mudra series incorporates a lot of me

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