Simply subscribe to our newsletter to receive your discount Subscribe now. We offer a choice of courses which can be matched to the level of each individual client. Mont Blanc is a massif composed of many peaks and spires, each with their own routes. The full circuit takes you on a 170 kilometre journey around the Mont Blanc mountain range with an accumulation of 10,000m of height gain and descent. Mont Blanc (French: Mont Blanc [mɔ̃ blɑ̃]; Italian: Monte Bianco [ˈmonte ˈbjaŋko], both meaning "white mountain") is the highest mountain in the Alps and Western Europe, rising 4,808 m (15,774 ft) above sea level.It is the second-highest and second most prominent mountain in Europe, after Mount Elbrus, and it is the eleventh most prominent mountain summit in the world. I can't really afford the guide price just now (£1,400), so I'm considering doing it alone. Mont Blanc Treks is a UK limited company and all prices are in Pounds Sterling. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in the Alps, and this customizable tour lets you experience it from all angles on a day trip from Geneva. In july and august, you will not be alone, the "tour du Mont Blanc is a busy path. This ascent can be difficult at times. Before I embarked on the Tour du Mont Blanc solo trek, and even after a lot of internet research, it wasn’t clear exactly how easy it would be to camp right the way around the Tour Du Mont Blanc, so here’s the things I wish I knew before I left. An easy and short day as we are well rested. Return via Chamonix Mont Blanc Railway Station. Mont Blanc Solo Ascent October 21, 2017 • 4 Comments. Availability. We have over 30 years of combined experience climbing Mont Blanc with clients and will ensure your Mont Blanc adventure is one to remember! Choose from a range of options including exploring Chamonix and Mont Blanc independently, riding the cogwheel railway to Montenvers, soaring to the summit of Aiguille du Midi on the cable car, and enjoying a delicious 3-course lunch in Chamonix. In July I solo hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc, camping along the way. If you’re hesitant to climb Mont Blanc solo — or if you simply want to get the most out of your experience — consider joining a group tour and let an experienced mountain guide show you the ropes. There’s no need to stress about where to camp and how to survive . No front page content has been created yet. Payment for the Mont Blanc tunnel subscription for light vehicles is made directly at the toll plaza. How long does it take to climb Mont Blanc? Needless to say it was a failure, lack of knowledge regarding the weather and far too much kit. Summit MB Team. Mont Blanc is symbolic in that it is considered the birthplace of modern mountaineering. Taxi Besson; Tel +33 (04) 50 93 61 47 (Mini-buses with 8 or 6 seats are also available), about € 70 / transfer 1-4 perons (Le Fayet – Contamines or Chamonix – Contamines). Ascend via the Gouter, Trois Mont Blancs traverse, or Gonella Routes. To put that in context, it's about 7 times the height of Croagh Patrick. I started talking about doing Mont Blanc back in 2010 and made my first attempt in 2015 – on my own, 25kg on my back, and with poor local knowledge. Dates. In this case the fee is €300 for cars. Sep 15; 2 min; One Week to Go! Group size: Any, from solo trekkers to groups. Icicle: climb Mont Blanc 4810m summit ascent and course (5 or 6 days guiding, with up to 3 days for summit bids), based in Chamonix Mont Blanc. My thoughts are that that is absolutly possible alone, but follow the path and stay in the refuge or walk whith a group if the weather is bad. Our Tour comprises 11 stages and 1 rest day in Courmayeur. Terms and Conditions Alpine Treks specialise in the Tour du Mont Blanc trek and offer a large choice of guided and self-guided Tour du Mont Blanc walking holidays in 2020. Adventure Consultants will provide breakfasts for the duration of the trip and evening meals on hut nights while the trip is running. It’s a trek of superlatives, forming a circuit of Western Europe's highest mountain: Mont Blanc (4,808m). SAT Mont Blanc,; Tel +33 (0) 4 50 78 05 33; about 45 min. Mont Blanc, the central feature of the Alps, standing at a grand height of 4,808m is western Europe's highest mountain. Row, Cycle, Run, … Summit MB Team. The T our du Mont Blanc is a circular trek around Mont Blanc, s tarting and ending in the famous Chamonix valley. The first day for the ascent to the first hut (3-4hrs), the second day for the summit attempt and descent to the second hut (8-10hrs), and the third day for the descent back to the valley (4-6hrs). Guided Treks. Then a final descent back to Chamonix for celebrations and a much-needed demi-peche. Visit the home of timeless style and precision at Montblanc and discover luxury watches, pens, leather goods and accessories of world-renowned class. Jornet was accompanied by the French skier Mathéo Jacquemond to the summit, but the Frenchman was injured during the descent and Jornet finished the run alone. Every multi-day hiker dreams of completing the Tour du Mont Blanc through the European Alps. 10% off your first order! My plan is to trek in as far as I can before the sun goes down in order to knock off a few kilometers in case the weather stays poor for the remainder of my ascent. If you have no tent, think to reserve in refuges. Please note the Gouter and Tete Rousse huts are interchangable, depending on when we are able to get reservations. Depending on how confident you are soloing on steeper ground I wouldn't recommend the Mont Maudit route from the Midi - it's long and has more objective danger (seracs, crevasses) and because you start from 3800m it's easy to overlook the need for acclimatising. It was physically the hardest thing I’ve done so far, involving 9 days of sustained effort to carry all my camping gear through three countries, over 170km, and up and down 10,000m of accumulated ascent/descent. One Week to Go! I park my rental Fiat outside the small town of Bionassy in a dirt lot near Les Bettieres. In july and august, you will not be alone, the "tour du Mont Blanc is a busy path. However, you sacrifice some aesthetics on the Gouter Route. Last few days before climbing in the Alps and Summiting Mont Blanc. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a classic inn-to-inn alpine trek—one which Alpenwild has refined with many creature comforts, exquisite cuisine, and superb accommodations. Took plenty of pictures of the Mont Blanc Massif, a... 2 views Write a comment. The Spanish runner Kilian Jornet, 25, ran up and down Mont Blanc, the 15,781-foot high point of Western Europe, in just under five hours, taking more than 13 minutes off a 23-year-old record. full circuit guided trek. Climbing Mont Blanc is a classic mountaineering challenge and our 6-day guided programme led by our team of IFMGA Mountain Guides is designed to give you a great week's climbing culminating in the ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc. 'Hi. Last few days before climbing in the Alps and Summiting Mont Blanc. If you have no tent, think to reserve in refuges. The Tour du Mont Blanc is a walk that doesn't require technical skills, has plenty of accommodation and is well-marked for the tens of thousands that walk the trail every year. The Traverse of Mont Blanc via Mont Blanc du Tacul and Mont Maudit is the more scenic of the two "normal routes" on the peak, and also the more physically and technically demanding. Day One of My Mont Blanc Solo Ascent. Welcome to Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides . Chamonix Mont Blanc Guides is the project of a group of professional Chamonix high mountain guides with the same aspiration and objective - to allow you the best possible chance of climbing and summiting Mont Blanc. a guided trip the Mont Blanc climb typically takes 3 days. Breakfast will be at 7am. The Tour du Mont Blanc is arguably one of the best and most popular hiking trips in Europe. I don't have tons of climbing / trekking experience, but I am quite fit and have some indoor climbing and the 3 Peaks Challenge under my belt. Fact sheets consistently list Monte Bianco di Courmayeur, a summit not far from Mont Blanc, as Italy's highest point and French and Swiss maps also show this to be the border. Altitude covered: + 1700 m / - 1000 m. Day 5: Descent of Mont Blanc . I want to climb Mont Blanc solo ... any advice? Take a look at the trek dates and trek prices and get in touch with us to book your next holiday. Sources vary as to what is the precise border between Italy and France. Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to take a trip to the Alps, but moreso, I had always wanted to climb Mont Blanc. One final push up to the Lac Blanc, over the Grand Balcon Sud, for some more mega impressive views of the Mont Blanc range. Towing of light vehicles in the Mont Blanc tunnel is free of charge, except for vehicles that run out of fuel. Early on the day after, start climbing the Mont Blanc du Tacul. With a first recorded summit in 1786, climbing Mont Blanc is a rite of passage for the many climbers that seek to summit the tallest mountain in the Alps (4,810 meters / 15,781 feet). Unfortunately, fulfilling those dreams come at a cost, especially given it includes a section in Switzerland which is the most expensive country in Europe for tourists. How hard is the Tour du Mont Blanc? While a few people have been known to run up it in a day(!) 1. The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB), a 160km loop hike through Switzerland, Italy and France, is almost too good to be true.Where else can you spend 10 days frolicking along the Alps' best valleys, hamlets and passes - interrupted only by the siren call of draft beer, fondue, a warm shower and a pillow? Located in France near the country’s border with Italy, the Mont Blanc massif crowns one of the world’s top alpine playgrounds. Hard-core hikers laugh at the idea. 'Hi. The normal Gouter Ridge in mid June. I soloed Mont Blanc in 98. To climb Mont Blanc using the Cosmique route, take the cable car to the Aiguille du Midi (3,842m). The Tour du Mont Blanc features in the World’s top ten 'must do' treks and it's not hard to understand why as this trek is outstanding with amazing views day after day. Mont Blanc Unlimited ski lift pass holders receive get 50% discount on a return ticket. For the adventurous solo traveller that is looking for a ten-day getaway and good introduction to long distance walking in the alps, there is nowhere to look further. From here, descend the Aiguille du Midi arête to the glacier du Tacul, where there is approximately 1 hour walk on easy terrain to the Cosmique Refuge (3,613m). 1 view Write a comment. The massif straddles the French-Italian border. … The Tour du Mont Blanc (TMB) is one of the most spectacular trekking trips in the world. Apr 26; 1 min; Summit Solo Quadrathlon - May 2020. Food. How long does it take to climb Mont Blanc? Icicle Mountaineering operates worldwide, alpine, ski & mountaineering courses. Book now. It is a dreary afternoon and the rain drizzles down. TMB. The descent of the Mont Blanc is via the same route, to reach the Gouter hut where we'll have dinner and spend the night. As you trek the Tour du Mont Blanc, you’ll experience the culture, the rich history of the Alps along with the stories of how this massive mountain has beckoned hikers and mountaineers for over 250 years. 23 June- 5 July 28 June- 11 July 5- 17 July 19- 31 July 2- 14 August 9- 21 August 6- 18 September. Price. Today, some 20,000 people summit Mont Blanc each year via several now classic climbing routes. My thoughts are that that is absolutly possible alone, but follow the path and stay in the refuge or walk whith a group if the weather is bad.